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On July 6, 2022, the first bounty payment of 50 thousand dollars was made for the bug report in the encryption software, which was fixed on the same day. The bug was that it was possible to decrypt any vmdk or vhdx file for free, since the beginning of these files begins with zeros. In order to minimize the damage and the impact of payments for the decryptor from the current attacked companies, it was decided to postpone the public announcement of the award until the current day.

Also, thanks to the recommendations of the good man, encryption algorithm was changed in linux vmdk files encryptor, now each vmdk file is disclosed and the encryption of files inside is done, such functionality not a single affiliate program on the planet.

A very special thanks to the FBI agent and Coverware contributor who keeps me up to date with the latest information. Thanks to the insider information we have learned about the weaknesses and bugs in our competitors’ encryption systems.

We are grateful for every message that will be helpful to us.
Also we are looking forward to more insiders and researchers, do not hesitate to write tox, we will find money for each of you.
Thank you for participating in our bounty program.

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