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Today we are posting the Full Data of the TAP Air, we has come to such a decision, since we see that TAP Air is absolutely don’t care about the privacy of the personal information they gathered. TAP Air tried to do anything but actually protect customer data, in an attempt to hide the truth, they even attacked our resource, very “reasonable solution” for such a serious company. They are much closer to hackers, scammers or abusers than to legal business.

We have to note especially that all personal information in TAP Air network was not encrypted in any way, just lay in a public file-server in a readable form.

So, you have to think twice, when you sign a user agreement for data processing. Most likely your private data will be stored as unimportant files, just anywhere and in clear text even on desktop or shared folders.

All efforts of the TAP Air to conceal this incident, only led the company to the complete disclosure of absolutely all information, instead of real personal data protection.

The most interesting thing – is that they still did not fix the vulnerabilities in own network and such an issue could happen again. BTW if someone need the remote access to the TAP Air – let us know

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