Ransomware Data Tracker

Customers with an Enterprise monitoring package can use the Data Tracker.

Data Tracker allows you to track any changes made to the stolen data by the attack group. Each attack group has a different strategy for putting pressure on the victim. Therefore, most groups do not leak the victim’s data immediately but announce that they have the victim’s information and only leak it after some time. Even here, there are cases where the attack groups only leak parts of the data slowly. That is why the DarkFeed Enterprise monitor package allows you to follow any changes in the data made by the attacker’s group directly to your email.

Important Notice, the system does not download the data. The monitoring is based on the information that the attackers publish. Each user with an Enterprise monitoring package can activate the tracker on only One victim.

Register for our service to purchase the monitoring packages, and this option is only available for the Enterprise monitoring package.

Leaked Data
Leaked Data 54%
Financial Data
Financial Data 31%
Confidential Data
Confidential Data 90%
Private Company Data
Private Company Data 68%
Client Personal Data
Client Personal Data 84%

Data Tracking Request

Enterprise Account Only