FAQ And Help

DarkFeed is an Israeli startup based in Tel Aviv. DarkFeed mission is to provide Threat Intelligence focused on cybercrime and ransomware groups at a fair price for every size of business worldwide. Our story began several years ago when we provided free cyber intelligence services to over 2000 companies worldwide for free. In March 2023, we became commercial and started providing paid monitoring packages to companies and organizations at an affordable price.

With the help of a small and efficient team of experts, we currently provide cyber intelligence to many companies in the government sector, intelligence companies, financial companies, and more. Our goal is to provide our customers with concrete and reliable operational information to give them a quick situational picture while summarizing the intelligence to avoid burdening our costumer’s analysts and allowing them to work more efficiently and quickly.

DarkFeed has Two main Monitoring Packages Pro and Enterprise. For the pricing list, click here.

Before purchasing any service it is essential to know what you are getting, therefore before purchasing we recommend that you visit the following page, which will show you how our dashboard looks and how our customers receive notifications of every cyber attack

Have you decided you want to join our service? Great, just register, and your account will be approved by our team and you can purchase our service directly through the website

We accept payments by PayPal, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer

In the last two years our system has provided a cyber intelligence service to over 2000 companies for free, in March 2023 we became commercial and all the free accounts were stopped. From now on you can register for an account, but for the purpose of purchasing a monitoring package only, the information is not displayed to registered users without a monitoring package, so even after registration you will not be able to view the complete information, but only after purchasing a monitoring package

Our system provides its customers with notifications of any cyber attack directly to email, to a private Telegram channel or by our API

You can always send any question to our team and we will answer any question or problem Team AT DarkFeed.io