Pricing list


Monitoring Package
$ 149 Monthly
  • 100 Recent ransomware attacks
  • Victim name
  • Incident screenshot
  • Targeted country
  • 3 Alert to email
  • Data tracker
  • Threat intelligence enrichment
  • API access
  • Telegram access
  • Search one year
  • Ask the team


Monitoring Package
$ 249 Monthly
  • Total ransomware attacks
  • Victim name
  • Incident screenshot
  • Targeted country
  • 6 Alert to email
  • Data tracker
  • Threat intelligence enrichment
  • API access
  • Telegram access
  • Search all time
  • Ask the team

Dedicated Dashboard

Customize Company Dashboard
$ 790 Monthly
  • Pick the dashbaord colors
  • Choose the right chart type for you
  • Add your organization logo
  • Define what metrics you want to track
  • Only include what’s important for you
  • Design the dashboard according to the needs of your organization
  • Determine what content will be displayed on the dashboard
  • Choose which attack groups, countries or sectors you want to focus on
  • Follow trends that interest you in the cyber crime world

For Active Members

Upgrade Pro To Enterprise

Monitoring Package
$ 1200
  • Upgrade PRO To Enterprise Monitoring package

Extra Data Trackers

For Active Members Only
$ 750 One-time Payment
  • Get notified as soon as the data is published/changed/sold
  • Get notified if the victim is removed
    [Ransom was paid]
  • Monitoring of captcha protected groups

Only registered users can purchase the monitoring packages

Features Details

Recent Ransomware Attacks

The amount of victims that will appear to your user on the dashboard varies between the different monitoring packages

Victim Name and Domain

Name and the official website of the organization that was attacked

Incident Screenshot

An image directly from the attackers' website that sometimes contains information that the attackers themselves write about their intentions to continue the attack

Targeted Country

The attacked country is the country where the attacked organization is from. It helps users focus on alerts from one specific country

Alerts to Email

The user can receive notifications about any event directly to the email, the notifications can be set according to the attacking group or the attacked country

Data Tracker

Data Tracker allows you to track any changes made to the stolen data by the attack group

Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Our analysts have a broad view of the cyber world on the dark web, that's why we periodically publish intelligence alerts about cyber operations that we uncover world-wide

Disclosure of New Attackers Groups

Like any intelligence service, our team develops new sources of information all the time, only the users with the paid monitoring packages will be exposed to the source of the information

API Access

Our platform has a REST API available to users with paid monitoring packages that allow them to get the information by querying the API with all the relevant information in real-time

Telegram Access

DarkFeed private Telegram channel, every update regarding a new victim, or related to cyber threat intelligence, is published on this channel


You can search our database by a website or organization name for companies that have been attacked. The monitoring package limits the search in your account

Dedicated Dashboard

Build and customize for yourself a dedicated dashboard for your organization with all the needs you want and choose what you want to focus on

Ask The Team

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with ransomware incidents. The team performs a broad analysis of every cyber incident worldwide and focuses on the world of ransomware. Every revealed incident is examined to provide you with reliable and effective intelligence. And this team is ready to serve you with any question