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Alert To Email

Get alert to your Email about every cyber incident in Real-Time

Data Tracker

Tracking leaked data and getting alerts whenever the data is changed by the attacker’s team

Threat Intelligence

Strengthen your organization’s security with our Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Stay Updated

Real-Time Alert direct to your Mobile or Desktop to Telegram private channel

Dedicated Dashboard

A dashboard specially designed for your organization according to the needs of the organization


Pull all our data directly from our platform using the REST-API

DarkFeed Dashboard

Alert Page

Each incident added to the platform appears on the alert page with the name of the group, the name of the victim and the victim's website address. Also a screenshot of the event and a map of the victim's location.

Alert to Email

Our platform users can set email alerts based on targeted country, attacked sector or the attacking group. The alerts are sent in real time to the email box with which the user registered with our service.

Telegram Private Channel

Get direct access to our private Telegram channel where any news that is updated on our platform is published, such as new attacks, Threat Intelligence updates and system updates.

DarkFeed API

Pull all our data directly from our platform using the API. The information is organized and filtered and allows you to interface it directly to related systems like SIEM, SOC or intelligence.

Customize Company Dashboard

create your own cyber crime dashboard at a fair price suitable. Define what metrics you want to track, and design the dashboard according to your organization’s needs.

Pick dashboard colors and the right chart type for yous
Add your organization logo
Determine what content will be displayed on the dashboard
Choose which attack groups, countries or sectors you want to focus on
Follow trends that interest you in the cyber crime world