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We want to give you a glimpse of our dashboard with all the latest ransomware attacks and general statistics about cyber attacks worldwide. With the help of the dashboard, you can track in one centralized place every cyber attack that the attacker’s teams publish.

Each event is examined and reviewed by our team of analysts so that we can provide effective and focused intelligence.
In addition, we allow the users to receive real-time information about any ransomware attack directly to their email. The alerts can be configured by an attacking group or attacked country.

Whom do we recommend to use our system?
Any intelligence company, government, or organization that wants to track the companies in the various countries that are under cyber attack.

DarkFeed is a perfect solution to monitor your supply chain and receive immediate information if one of the links in the chain is cracked, so you can stop the supply chain before it hits you.

Not everyone can register for DarkFeed. We allow registration for organizations, companies, and governments only. After registration, each user is checked by the team before the account is approved. A purchase can only be made after the user has been approved.

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About Lockbit

First seen in 2019, Lockbit became one of the greatest players of the ransomware scene.
With prominent affiliate, rewards and bug bounty programs plus extensive media coverage,
Lockbit became popular quickly. Their high profiles victim includes private medical services
like OSDE (AR), national services like Royal Mail (UK), Foxconn, Accenture and Continental,
among others.

Their website implements different file browsers like Snap2HTML, making it easy to navigate
leaked data dumps for their users. It’s worth noting that just like AvosLocker, they implement
their own Anti-DDoS challenge and multiple DLS mirrors.

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